Squid Game

Squid Game ★★½

This show is decent if you have nothing better to watch on Netflix and you enjoy the occasional death game type movie, or show. (Not as good as Alice in borderline)

This show won't make you think too much so it's perfect if you have a bunch of friends over. The show it's self doesn't offer anything new to the "death games" movie genre. None of the game are unique or creative enough to be really thrilling and it takes way too long to get to the games.

The biggest problem this show faces is slow pacing, unnatural dialogue, mediocre acting and narrative exposition. It does have a nice bright colour palette and some decent shots it does build some intrigue on what's going on and who's behind it all. It doesn't do anything with this intrigue however and it just ends up being the typical rich people doing it because they're bored.