One Piece: Stampede

One Piece: Stampede ★★★★

Essentially unreviewable because I know in my head that it’s nonsensical drivel that’s squarely targeted at zealots like me who can name the guy in the chest from chapter 22 (or Sawyer Wayback) but my heart had an absolutely brilliant time despite the majority of the audience sitting in frosty bewilderment or straight-up walking out. One Piece is an incredible two-decade-old institution and has every right to celebrate itself with a film where story and form make complete way for fan-fulfilment. Definitely wanna go back and see it again on general release because I bet Stampede would feel like a real festival when viewed amongst a crowd of like-minded nakama. At the French premiere the audience literally got out of their seats to celebrate Zoro’s big moment in this and that’s the energy I’m chasing!!

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