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  • Silence



    Thoughts and (unanswered) questions on my mind after watching this movie:

    What’s more important in Christ’s eyes; growing his Church or easing the suffering of its members? How should we act when these two are in conflict? Are they one and the same? 

    Logically, In the life of a devout Catholic, death and specifically martyrdom is a good thing.  Why then is it so difficult to accept? Does that difficulty make it any less true? What is faith and do…

  • Padre Pio

    Padre Pio


    I think I get what they went for here with the dual storylines, but ultimately this played for me as two separate movies:

    1. A pretty boring period piece on class struggles in post-WWI Italy
    2. A very interesting character study on St. Pio

    I’m left wanting so much more because of how good the Pio portions were.  Frustrated because of how much time they devoted to the other characters, when we could have had a full runtime of gripping…