M3GAN ★★★

i'm surprised. M3GAN wasn't nearly as unbearable of a movie as the marketing made it to be. which by the way, am i allowed to wonder what does appealing to twitter and tiktok users does for the box-office? i just feel like the target audience for this should've been different. credit where it's due though, m3gan herself is an instant icon, and the actress (or actresses, i'm still not quite sure) who plays m3gan does an excellent job at replicating the moves of an animatronic. the story's exactly what you'd expect if you'd either seen all of the spoiler-y promotion or watched the 2019 CHILD'S PLAY remake, but what matters is that it's a fun movie, and a very well-shot one too. i also hope violet mcgraw keeps going places, she's an excellent child actress and stole the show whenever m3gan wasn't onscreen.

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