Zodiac ★★★★★

Ever since I saw this film for the first time I've been ever so slightly obsessed with the Zodiac case (in a harmless way I promise), and even though so many years have passed, and my two main personal suspects (so far) are long gone now, I somehow relate to the line "I need to look him in the eye and I need to know it's him." Among the perfect detailing of the investigation bit by bit, Fincher adds in this side to the story the book doesn't give you, maybe Graysmith wasn't interested in anything but fact when he wrote it. Which I understand. But the whole aspect of his innocent desperation to solve the case (that he wasn't even officially a part of) even when the professionals in charge seem to neglect it, I needed that in this film. I needed this humane side of the chaotic story, a side I can relate to in the strangest way. I feel this desperate need to have a face and a name to the Zodiac and I need to KNOW it's true, and it's the same with a lot of things. Take the whole Banksy thing for example, I don't want to die without knowing who Banksy is. And though I have a suspect for that also, I just want to see the day the news coverage tells me the Banksy Mystery Has Finally Been Solved and it MEANS IT. Not to compare a notorious, vicious serial killer to a graffiti artist who I once studied and replicated a girl with a red balloon from at GCSE level art, but I mean to compare that longing for closure we all have. Whether it's in day to day situations, maybe a fuckin game of Cluedo, or whether you actually are in law enforcement, we all need that closure. And I love that this film, which took on the gigantic task of depicting a very long and difficult and ever-winding case, still managed to involve this feeling that we can somehow relate to. I don't know if I think we'll find the true Zodiac in my lifetime, well I think we've most likely already found him, but I'm not sure if I'll one day wake up to it being CONFIRMED. I sure hope so, but until then I'll keep reading my books and going over the wikipedia page and being shocked when I go to a party and contribute to a conversation one of the only ways I know how and find out not everybody knows who the Zodiac was (am I weird for thinking they would I don't know). But I'll always come back to this film to lay it out for me again, giving me every shred of information it has in it's pocket, and I'll still ask for more. I'll still have that feeling in my gut I can't get rid of, the knowing that it's still not over, so many years later. I'll still want to look him in the eye, and know that it's him.

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