Zodiac ★★★★★

logging for today because I technically finished watching it at like 2am last night on my bed still in my work clothes eating the pizza I took home after my shift. just felt the need to watch a favourite, sometimes I go forever without watching a favourite film and it almost feels like I’m forgetting who I am and the things I like to do. anyway, I wanted to ask if anybody else watched the documentary series The Most Dangerous Animal Of All? it’s based on a book I never finished a few years ago and it’s about a guy who searches for his adoptive father and finds that he may have been the zodiac. I thought the doc itself was alright, although I’m really disliking this weird narrative trend in true crime docs lately where they spend three episodes building up a theory and then spend the last episode completely shutting it down leaving the audience feeling kinda dumb for believing it. just makes the whole doc feel redundant, another example of this was the cecil hotel series. anyway, if anybody has watched it I’d love to know what you think about that theory. I didn’t find it very compelling when I read the book purely because I thought the book was badly written, but when put in documentary form it seems more feasible (until the last episode of course). this was kinda irrelevant I just wanted to ask about that for fun. I think I’ve logged zodiac enough times for you to know how I feel about it film-ically.

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