La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

amy: you can just tell us a story :)
mia: about?
amy: you can just tell us anything :)
amy: whenever you're ready :)
mia: ................... my aunt used to live in paris. I remember, she used to come home and she would tell us these stories about being abroad. and I remember, she told us that she jumped into the river once. barefoot. she smiled... leapt without looking .... aNd tumbled into... the seine.... the water was freezing.... she spent a month.. sneezing... but said she would do it again.. here's to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem, here's to the hearts that ache, here's to the mess we make! she captured a feeling.. sky with no ceiling, the sunset inside a frame. she lived in her liquor and died with a flicker... I'll always remember the flame. here's to the onES WHO DREAM, foolish aS THEY MAY SEEM, here's to the hearts that ACHE, HERE'S TO THE MES WE MAKE. SHE TOOOLD MEEEE: a bit of madness is key... to give us new colors to see.. who knows where it will lead uuus? AND THAT'S WHY THEY NEEEED USSS! so bring on the rebels, the ripples from pebbles, the painters, and poets, and plays aAAAAand here's to the FOOLS who DREAAAAM, CRAZY AS THEY MAY SEEEEM, HERE'S TO THE HEARTS THAT BREAAAAAK, HERE'S TO THE MESS WE Make. I trace it all back to then... her, and the snow, and the seine.. smiling through it.. she said she'd do it again..
amy: it's not a musical :)

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