Halloween ★★★½

yes it’s a classic and i like it a lot but god it’s so frustrating. she really sat down huh. she really sat down next to him. she really parked that rear in the same room. she really landed that ship in the same vicinity. she really just got up and stood there, without a care in the world. she really just leaned in that doorway looking somber as sally. she really rested her tidy mind for a sweet sweet second instead of getting the fuck out. as if he wasn’t just gonna get back up. as if he wasn’t gonna rehearse his small role in the thriller video right there and then. as if he wasn’t just gonna lift up that masked chin, and nosey his big blue build on up for another round of the hard knocks that life has to offer a poor man like him. she really hit him down, he got up, hit him back down, he got up, hit him back down again, and then perched her little peach on the carpet for a tea break. fucking skidaddle laurie. fucking SKIDADDLE 

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