The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½

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I don't know what to say. After rewatching this, many, many years after I originally saw it, I still can't see a masterpiece. I see a very well made film for sure and with the knowledge of cinema I have gained over the course of the past years I can now admire certain aspects more than before. The acting, cinematography, music, directing and script all seem near flawless except for minor mishaps here and there. It feels like an epic story indeed, with a broad cast of characters and a grand plot surrounding this whole family, but in the end it feels, dare I say it, a little insignificant. It surely handles some significant themes, mostly being concerned with family and power, but it never feels like this film is going into grand new territories with these ideas. It stays relatively safe. It is awe-inspiring to watch, mostly on a technical level but surely also on a story-telling level, but it never goes to mythical heights as its status of "one of the best films of all time" would imply.

Nonetheless, it is a very, very well made film. The three hour lengths rushes by faster than I would've expected and it's undeniably good enough to watch again sometime. PRETTY BRILLIANT!!

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