Spencer ★★★★★

Knowing how lovely Princess Diana was, and how garbage The Royal Family is as a whole, it's absolutely fitting that Spencer brilliantly acts as a horror sometimes, ultimately making the biopic refreshing, and NOT TIRING, CLICHED, OR CALCULATED.

Claire Mathon's gloomy and hazy cinematography, along with Larrain's filmmaking and Greenwood's jazzy, intense score (whether it's handheld or long shots) cleverly adds to Diana's mental state throughout, as while there are some folks that check up on her, she can't connect to them.

This is where the exceptional Sally Hawkins shows up, as Diana's dresser. She's the only one that genuinely cares for Diana, and vice versa, and their scenes are dynamite throughout.

The production and costume design light up the picture, with suitable extravagance. There's one scene that features top-notch visual storytelling, and it left me emotionally broken and uplifted at the same time. Spencer is another reason why I love cinema.

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