Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★½

Far better than the theatrical cut but not without flaws. What’s baffling is why the Cyborg, Flash, and the final battle got shafted in the theatrical cut. Cyborg breathes life into the film, Flash has fun things to do, and the final battle isn’t a gooey cgi mess here. While changes and edits could be made to this to make it better, those made for the theatrical cut led to a worse scene or product 100% of the time. Enough of that, however.

The Snyder Cut’s song choices are just silly and its overall pacing questionable, though why not throw the kitchen sink in here. I’d certainly be interested in seeing where these apokolyptian (yes with a k) visions go although there seem to be a lot of pieces on the board and I know there wasn’t much of a plan to give them room to grow. The epilogue feels ham fisted full of these pieces without any coherent semblance to their arrangement but at least they’re all fairly exciting in their own right. 

The characters are all far better developed, as you’d hope with 2hrs more to breathe. Though that’s not to say you don’t notice the run time. There’s a good hour of this film that began to lose me, thankfully this version of the final battle brought me back.