Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion ★★★★★

If this isn't the sleaziest goddamn movie I've ever seen I don't know what is. Kathleen Turner is brilliant as the business woman by day sex worker by night going by the name China Blue. Anthony Perkins plays a deviant street preacher who's constantly doing poppers and is obsessed with China Blue who herself is being pursued by a white bread nerd that's suddenly bored with his safe and sterile suburban life style. He decides to try and make his new life with China Blue and finds himself out of his plan white two story house and into the pre-Guiliani New York city streets among the sex shows and porno theaters. Filth, sleaze, a cop getting butt fucked with his own night stick, Anthony Perkins going all method and actually doing a shit ton of poppers the entire production.

This movie's got it all, Max. It's an absolute must see. Seek out the 112 minute version as this is the director's cut. The original theatrical cut and older releases of this are only 100 minutes long because I guess this movie about a sex worker wasn't quite family friendly with that extra stuff in there.

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