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  • ParaNorman



    (i had to scroll so long to get to the date i watched paranorman)
    i love this movie so much. something about paranorman makes it so special to me. its probably just cause i kin norman, but i also just love it.
    the thing that (in my opinion) makes paranorman so good is that its very relatable for alot of people. i mean maybe not the ghosts, and zombie invasion, but norman is an outcast in a small, boring, gross…

  • Juno



    ok so this definitely isn't the first time I've watched juno. BUT it is one of my favorite movies of all time. its just so pretty n it gives me the chills in wwwayyy. it's also very funny and i like micheal cera💏

  • Confessions



    gave me a heart attack but it was so good, thsts it

  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle


    howls moving castle has to be one of miyazakis best movies. if you are interested in studio ghibli, this movie is a great way to start. i really love the art in this one, the settings in each part are just perfect.
    even if the main characters in this movie are super pretty and have great personalities, the best piece of howls moving castle is the scenery. howls bedroom, the castle, the city, the fields, it just brings such an…