Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★

This was a pretty good time and seeing Kong and Godzilla go up against each other was entertaining and the effects were really great. I felt like there were too many storylines and I thought this should have just kept it simple. But the main problem with these movies is the human characters, I understand that every second of the movie can’t be devoted to the monsters but these characters are just so generic and boring. There were a good amount of characters that just felt unnecessary. But everything with the monsters was good, the highlight was Kong since there was more of a focus on him and I really liked that since he’s only had 1 solo movie while Godzilla had 2. The different fight sequences with them were exciting and fun, there was a winner but it was as definitive as I had thought. Overall, there were some story issues and issues with the characters but for what it was, I had a good time watching this.

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