Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

The following quote was said to me by a friend during a time in which I was probably the most profoundly depressed I’ve been in the past year:

I know how you feel pal, if you need any help or encouragement, Im sure theres a ton of people willing to help, including myself…I hope for the best for you and I hope this doesn't extinguish your spark.

I’ve never been good at expressing how much gestures like that mean to me, so they probably don’t remember saying these words in the same way that I remember receiving them, but if there was one thing that anyone said to me during that time that could be attributed to getting me back to normal, it’s this. Particularly the last bit, “I hope this doesn’t extinguish your spark,” are words that I still find bouncing around my head when I feel lost and can’t find the center of who I am (which, really, is a more common occurrence than I’d like to admit). The idea that one’s essence - the embodiment of everything that makes them special and gives them the drive to learn, grow, and face adversity in any of the ways it presents itself to them - can be literalized into an image of a spark or flame that simply has to stay burning has given me so much strength in recent times in so many inexplicable ways. There’s a poeticism to it that resonates with me in the most comforting way; my soul is a warm fire to sit by, and as long as it’s tended to, everything will be alright. It has a sensory appeal to it. It’s real and I can feel it.

I find a similar kind of solace watching Kiki, a film so beautiful and dense in textures and emotions I find comforting that really all I could do was sit in amazement as both I and pretty much everyone else in the theater felt the tears roll down our faces. The idea of one’s spark finds a new home in Kiki’s magic, which has a visceral, sensorial appeal of its own as it grants her the power of flight. Just like the real world, though, its power is tested by everyday occurrences - random, overwhelming circumstances that degrade your soul and make you want to fall down on your bed face-first. What Kiki captures so well, though, is not only the very real feelings that come with that spark/magic being tested, but the slow-yet-sure process of learning to be yourself again aided by the people and activities you’ve grown to love. It’s about finding new facets in your favorite things and fully embracing all the joy that has been waiting for you to open up to it. It’s about the friends who go out of their way to make you feel better when you’re visibly discouraged. It’s about being reminded that you have a spark, and finally finding the strength to reignite it.

Obligatory Ilovemyfriendsalot <33

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