Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation ★★½

"Walking - just walking around. I can't seem to sleep at night, not in this city."

That was bleak. It sits somewhere in the middle of Taxi Driver & Eraserhead, showcasing decrepit city streets and defunct industrial buildings - led along by a familiar drowsiness that occupy those films. The palpable mood, haunting score, & closing shot are all memorable. Seeds of what's to come from Jarmusch's filmography are sparsely scattered throughout.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot for me to come back to for a director I have such admiration for. Most notably devoid of the clever and off-beat humor that I've come to love. It's very respectable for a low-budget student film, but going from this, to the effectively austere Stranger Than Paradise - the contrast of craft is really apparent.
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