The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

Real warrior shit. In college, I pretended to read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and eventually got a "B" in my Medieval Literature course. So truly, I didn't remember anything about the source going in, but this movie ruled.

- This movie best portrays what I liked about the video game Skyrim: just chilling in the wilderness. Very quiet and ambient, nobody talks too fast or too much.
- As you'd expect, there's very little 'action' in this movie, which is a treat to see that restraint. All violence ends quickly or is depicted only in suffering or long-achieved death. No drawn-out battles! Such a joy to see, especially juxtaposed next to Game of Thrones as the most recent contemporary mainstream thing set in a fantastic medieval Europe setting.
- The costumes are amazing, just absurd. Emily said that the only thing she didn't like was the 'red' on Gawain's traveling outfit, which looked to her like a ratty comforter. I'll give her that.
- Sean Harris as the King here is stellar. The raspy, tired voice of a benevolent ruler at the end of his life. I've never seen someone use their voice so brilliantly.

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