Scream ★★★★

"I'm Sidney fucking Prescott of course i have a gun"

So..... Scream for Gen Z

Is it good? Well yeah! Kinda! I Think!

Always been a mega fan of this franchise Ghostface to me is THE coolest killer. Went all Giddy when i heard the voice. For Halloween one year I had THE mask with the little blood squirt pump so blood goes through the mask. Dude i was a legend that year. Google it.

I didn't like 4 at all so i had high hopes for this to not suck and it's pretty much a 90's slasher tribute as expected, but maaan they went all in on the meta juice.

Really self-referencial the "Have you seen stab back then" discussions were ehhhhh, (that annoyed me from the new Matrix too). But it all comes together in the end and i actually liked what they did? Am i OK? Should i see a doctor? Found it really interesting and kinda fun. They really got back to basics with the humour/satire vibe of the series, it paid off.

Found the acting and script pretty weak in the first half, the teenager scenes were a chore to go through but the Ghostface scenes were great and the finale was pretty badass..

I'll never live my childhood again these movies will probably never WOW me like back then but it was pretty close.

Really happy to see my man David Arquette, you rock dude!

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