Bad Trip ★★★★

There's a running joke about a certain movie within Bad Trip and how, in real life, "it could never happen," and that's pretty much the modus operandi of this entire experience - more than any other movie I can think of, this one really delves into the notion of what would happen if you took the standard trappings of a buddy road trip, Harold & Kumar-esque comedy, and played it out "in real life."

And it's kind of...genius?

At the very least, much more ambitious and thoughtful than you would expect from a movie with a gorilla rape in it. Exposing the artifice of cinematic storytelling through the lens of on-camera pranks - this movie is WILD.

Eric Andre continues to prove himself the boldest - or maybe most insane - man in Hollywood, and some of the stuff he and the rest of the cast get into here is truly, truly nuts. And often QUITE funny, I must add. Like full on "couldn't stop laughing alone in my apartment" levels of funny. And to continue to beat this dead horse, REALLY wish I experienced this in a packed theater, as intended. Certain sequences - namely the Chinese Finger Trap set piece - would have absolutely blown the roof of an unsuspecting crowd. I still vividly remember my audience going nuts during the Strip Club scene in Bad Grandpa - this movie has 5 or 6 gags equally shocking and hilarious, so would have been a wild, delightful time for a crowd to witness together.

Comedies in movie theaters - it's magical, folks. I mourn that their days are increasingly numbered.