Minding the Gap ★★★★★

This was an extraordinary first (or early?) feature. Bing has a natural touch and feel for camerawork (especially while skateboarding), but even more impressive was the editing that stitched together what must’ve been hundreds of hours of casual footage documenting everyday life into a fluid, breathtaking montage of his friends skateboarding, interlaced with their processes of growing up, facing and dealing with their daily grinds as adults, and paralleled with their recollections of their upbringings, of their lack of family and abuse by parents, mirroring the path they are dangerously approaching. 

Bing’s intuition around how he shoots his subjects (I am thinking in particular of how close the camera gets, the timely zooms, the angles of approach) and his timing of the cuts are spot on, uncanny for someone that young and early on in their career. Even more impressive is how he feels his way into the story of his friends’ and their parents’ lives, catching the right moments, and asking the right questions.