Venom ★★★★½

"Eyes, lungs, pancreas - So many snacks, so little time."

A San Francisco reporter merges with an alien symbiote to fight crime, vanquish evil and eat a few bad guys. Yeah, this was lots of fun, not sure what some people are moaning about. It has a sense of humor about itself that saves it from being too grim and making it have wider appeal.

Tom Hardy's Venom voice was worth the price of admission alone. Not since Bane have I enjoyed such voicework. If only I could get him to answer my voicemail somehow.

Venom was fun and disgusting and action packed. Sure, not the most original movie of all time, but don't all Marvel origin movies all seem to follow the same patterns anyway? There's so many other ways to have made this, sure, but I didn't mind this one bit.

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