The Little Things

The Little Things ★★★½

Oh man, my first new movie of 2021, and it seemed like a potentially great thriller...but it turned out to be such a let down. It has that cast, the serial killer, even John Lee Hancock, a director who can properly create the right bummer mood necessary. Somehow, it all did not come together for me.

The story goes meandering off almost immediately. This is a thriller, but the thrills were absent. Denzel looks tired, like maybe he wants to pack it in after this movie. Sure, it's also his character, but it also comes across as real. Rami Malek, he's okay but bland here. The only excitement comes from Jared Leto as a creepy potential serial killer. He is getting weirder looking the older he gets, which seems to be a bonus in this role.

A lot of people hated the ending, me, I didn't mind them going that route, it's just that it was so dull getting there. It's a watchable movie, but I was disappointed and kinda bored.

Even the poster is boring!

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