Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

i'm... out of breath

i watched this film with my two friends over messenger, and sadly, they did not feel it the way i did - which is absolutely fine by the way, i'm a big sucker for slower films, ones that i can stare at, with looks, faces and gorgeous visuals, but i can totally see how someone could be bored over this, since you know, we all have our tastes in film, right

however one of my friends said that for her the leads did not have chemistry. at all. which to me is way harder to understand

this film is just perfect in every way, and that is mainly because of the astounding talents of Merlant and Haetel; how they emote on their faces, their eyes, the subtlety, how they triggered my body in ways unknown before - the heat flooding my chest, my cheeks burning, my stomach squeezing..

the cinematography in this is just... ideal; every single shot could be freezed and framed, everything and everyone looked gorgeous, i could not stop staring with my eyes wide open

i always pay attention to music in films, and here, surprise surprise, there was almost none - but it worked perfectly, because the sounds of wooden floor creaking, the fire and the sea made this movie so immersive, i could literally smell the smoke from the fireplace and feel the breeze on my face

the scenes that did have music were enhanced by it - the bonfire scene amazing, but the ending... sweet jesus... definitely one of the best movie finales i have ever seen

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