Cold War

Cold War ★★★★

typing this up hastily while shivering in the movie theater parking lot before making the trek home

i first saw the trailer for this who-knows-how-long ago, and i remember a couple things: a) i fully thought joanna kulig was kate mckinnon for the first 30 seconds and b) that SONG she sings was so enchanting that i would just watch the trailer over a bunch of times because of how charming i found it

so you can bet i was DELIGHTED to see scenes from the trailer play out on screen in the context of the narrative, and also that the song (“dwa serduszka”) made numerous scattered appearances (with variations) all throughout the film

the shot of zula drinking in the bathtub that instantly switches over to her dancing in the bar will go down as maybe one of my favorite moments in a movie

still processing the ending but gotta go drive now

this was divine!

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