Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

As someone who doesn't mind the occasional drink or twelve, this film at times hits like a bulldozer. The great thing is, it does never get too preachy or too okay with excessive drinking. It's more demanding than that, as the audience has to decide for themselves for quite a few stretches how they feel about the depicted behaviour - probably even long after after the credits roll.

Vinterberg's direction is sublime. The alcohol-induced euphoria is conveyed through the visuals, and the same goes for the first few hangovers and also the inevitable collapse. Maliciously enough, I found myself craving for these moments of euphoria again. And then maybe you, like I did, think to yourself: "well, if they only had stuck to the 0.5 permille, they would have been just fine." And that's when the real gut punch sets in.


If my profile seems a bit quiet in the next few weeks, I'm going on a vacation and among other things I'll try to get some reading done for a change. Cheers!

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