Shame ★★★★½

If I left, I would never hear from you again. Don't you think that's sad? ... Don't you think that's sad? ... I'm your sister.

Was not expecting this, the Michael-Fassbender-plays-a-sex-addict movie, to royally fuck me up. The way Brandon lives gets in the way of him being able to connect with anyone meaningfully, including his own sister. It's tragic, and at times, it was extremely difficult to watch. McQueen played everything mostly visually and limited the dialogue, or at least broke the dialogue up a lot with long takes of silence, just letting me sit with Brandon as he went through his shit, but then McQueen threw the couch scene at me without warning, and it hit like a fucking truck.

If you have trouble connecting with your siblings or sometimes feel extremely distanced from them, as I often do, this is going to be a really tough watch, but I highly recommend.

+ totally forgot to mention that little moment where Brandon says he always wanted to be a musician from the 60s. I just love that little bit of dialogue, because it tells us that he admires his sister and actually looks up to her for following her dreams; He just can't say it when he's around her. Even though he is always putting her down and saying she's dependent when they are face to face, he really does care for her. This movie is too good!

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