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This review may contain spoilers.

Wait... am I reading into this correctly?
The strength for outward destruction and self destruction brought on by trauma and misidentification means you also have the strength to live with and overcome the trauma and fully become you as you percieve yourself. You choose your own reality and in this case found reality over assigned reality. That the bonds we make for ourselves are stronger than the ones assigned to us.

Is this a trans narrative? Like, that's how I read it. In this case the feminine overcoming the masculine percieved "nature" through self acceptance of ones past as being just a past that you are assigned and that the people who accept you for who you are instead of what "experts" percieve you to be is what can help bring that realization and your self actualization about fully.

I'm gonna chew on that for a bit but other than what I got out of it thematically I just think it rocks on an execution level. Wan really knows how to make some real fine cinema.

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