lauren t πŸ₯€πŸŒΏ

lauren t πŸ₯€πŸŒΏ


Favorite films

  • The Living Skeleton
  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes
  • Tombs of the Blind Dead
  • A Cure for Wellness

Recent activity

  • The Strangeness


  • New Year, New You


  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


  • Twice-Told Tales


Recent reviews

  • Γ‰toile



    a gothic fairytale, with so much told to us through ballet and aesthetics. beautiful but meandering, a nightmare fantasy where the lead, Claire, travels for dance but gets pulled into something darker. for my taste, I was hoping for more horror here, yet I still appreciated many aspects. I danced competitively when I was younger, and it’s always a treat to see skilled ballerinas and dance shown as emotion and art on screen.

  • The Strings

    The Strings


    another Black Dog Fever Dream, slow transmission from the plane of thick winter depression. droning and downbeat, to be sure.Β 

    I never know how this balance happens, but this feels simultaneously surreal, strange, and mundane. what I do know for certain is that many won’t vibe with it, and I fully get why. but damn, I did. sometimes I like to get caught in a slightly dull mood piece, for me doing so can be admittedly therapeutic. not a whole…

Popular reviews

  • Alucarda



    that transformative power of satan, though. reveal to us the darkest path; forged from disruption, sealed with blood, lit by fire. cast your shadow upon our souls, walk beside us as we descend. guide us as we restore chaos and resolve to surrender our will to no one. and release us, to spread the good word.Β 

    fucking hell, this rules.

  • Next of Kin

    Next of Kin


    fucking dripping with atmosphere and mystery. familiar and beloved elements blend together to create something I’ve never seen before, something in its own class. couldn’t get enough of that spooky mansion holding secrets, the heavy rains outside, paranoia in the air, dreams and strange sightings/happenings. visuals and score so on point here. what a delight.