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  • Morocco
  • The Maltese Falcon
  • Divorce Italian Style
  • The Magnificent Cuckold
  • Adultery Italian Style

cinema e gender

16 films

not gonna rate any of them i would give MOST of them half a star or ZERO!!! they literally left…

  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • The Help
  • Taxi Driver
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Mulholland Drive


37 films

yes I love cinema - 16 yo me

  • Gilda
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • I Vitelloni
  • La Dolce Vita
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians

my dvd/blu-ray collection

154 films

my only reason to be happy tbh except for the fact that i don’t have a blu ray player anymore…

  • The Life of the Butterfly
  • Manhatta
  • Nanook of the North
  • The Bridge
  • À propos de Nice
  • Salomé
  • Ballet Mécanique
  • Un Chien Andalou
  • The Blood of a Poet
  • A Colour Box
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Gemini
  • Landline
  • A Ghost Story
  • Golden Exits
  • The Big Sick
  • Gone with the Wind
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • Titanic
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Little Women

the only movies i used to watch when i was a kid

6 films

i guess that says a lot about me

  • A Single Man

best directorial debut ever in the history of cinema

1 film

people who think that Orson Welles's directorial debut Citizen Kane (1941) is the best movie of all time are literally…

  • Manchester by the Sea

oscars 2017 predictions!!!!!

1 film

this is going to win even best visual effects believe me

  • The Neon Demon
  • The Social Network
  • Good Will Hunting

movies that nobody wants to watch with me

2 films

i hate this but i'd probably scream the whole time