Arachnophobia ★★★★

A doctor with arachnophobia recently moved into a small town that becomes plagued by the very thing he fears most. I have not been this paranoid about spiders since I saw a huge one in my basement and lots hoping around a pool I was in. And this is coming from someone who actually really likes spiders (they eat all the other pests and are so cute. Just look at all their little eyes, how can you not love them?). This film's horror mostly plays off of the common place. Instead of making them huge the spiders are mostly either in plain sight or just out of the corner of the character's eye. We know the danger of them right from the start though. Their bites aren't just poisonous, they're quick. It takes about 30 seconds for the poison to kill someone and they're very small and quick. They show up everywhere you don't want them to (even popcorn isn't safe which was really scary since I was eating some while watching) and by the time you notice it's to late. Unlike normal spiders though they work together. So if you do manage to fight them off they'll just corner you.

There's also some much needed comedy in this and it blends perfectly. I was worried that this film was gonna feel a little to childish for me, but was glad to see that wasn't the case. A lot of it is actually very cynical mostly due to the main family being from the city. I loved how quickly they got annoyed by these people (especially Dr. Metcalf who was such a dick).

Overall I had a blast with this. It has just the right amount of horror and humor to make it a great creature feature.

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