10 Things I Hate About You ★★★★★

10 reasons why i keep rewatching this (and why you should too )
1.Heath Ledger
2. Katarina Stratford. Something about the way she speaks and acts and her smile also, she's a perfect combination of pretty and bitter and cynical which is a breath of fresh air
3. Keep you grounded man. It reminds you never to change yourself to try to blend in
4. A good advice for any teenager : "never let anyone make you think you dont deserve what you want"
5.Patrick's so very cool and impressive fire trick
6. the serenade was a prime moment
7. the Paintball scene!!!
8. Classic 90's movie soundtrack. But the angry girl music version
9. Kat's poem and her annoyingly still pretty sobbing face
10. Also, Heath Ledger.

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