Favorite films

  • The Meetings of Anna
  • Another Year
  • Afternoon
  • Video Letter

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  • Deranged


  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  • Phase IV


  • The Night House


Recent reviews

  • La Musica

    La Musica


    I am murdering the music we thought so special,
    that blazed between us, over and over.
    I am taking the boats of our beds
    and swamping them, letting them cough on the sea
    and choke on it and go down into nothing.

    Now I am alone with the dead,
    flying off bridges,
    hurling myself like a beer can into the wastebasket.
    I am flying like a single red rose,
    leaving a jet stream
    of solitude
    and yet I feel nothing,…

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    I didn’t need to watch this. I grew up in San Francisco.

Popular reviews

  • A. K.

    A. K.


    When John Ford met Kurosawa, he said to him: “you really love rain”. sensei replied “you really have looked at my films”

  • A Touch of Sin

    A Touch of Sin


    In the first part there is a scene of a man beating horse reminded me of George Orwell, said he once saw a little boy beating horse by whip and later he wrote, “It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength we should have no power over them, and that men use animals in much the same way as the rich use the worker.”