Scream ★★★★

Spooky Tober: Chapter 3

Scream opens with on of my favourite scenes in horror movies. However there's one part of it that makes me BLOOD RED MAD.


First of all who the FUCK eats jiffy pop. I have tried to cook that shit like half a dozen times in my life and it always turns out shitty. Even if you are watching it like a hawk it burns 100% of the time. This bitch is having a conversation with a STRANGER and just wanders off from the stove. I get that it was the 90's and your name was in the phone book so people MIGHT hit you up, but that still seems a little far-fecthed for me. Yet this chick just goes with it like it's an everyday occurrence.

Alright cool let's live in a weird world where when a stranger calls you up to talk about "scary movies" you play along. I still wouldn't walk away from the stove. You are cooking something that is more flammable than a can of axe body spray.

Hey it's 1996 microwave popcorn was a thing that existed. I remember eating it in 1996. Ok ok I know what you're thinking "hey wooderson microwave popcorn can burn too". Yes absolutely but 90% it's going to be better than fucking JIFFY POP.

The best of all the popcorn however is those home hot air popcorn makers. Those are fantastic. My parents were super cheap so I never had one but my neighbors did. Ironically the first time I watched this movie was at their house, and you know what? We ate perfect popcorn.

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