Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

loved it!! i heard a fair few complaints about the lack of deaths in scream 5 and this, and im here to tell you right now: we don't care!! i am deeply connected to all of these characters and i count my lucky stars with every extra second i get to spend with them. plus, quality over quantity! and they're certainly quality! radio silence might not be wes craven but that's not necessarily a bad thing when their flair for violence is so on point. some of kills had me giggling in my seat. i giggled. i let out a giggle, so what.

the opening set piece was excellent and absolutely subverted my expectations. love the newly introduced cast as well as the core four (goat name chad you're a genius). love the return of the best scream character, the film was already solidifed deep in my heart because of that 🥹 i didn't guess any of the reveals at all! perhaps im dumb! i suppose we will never ever no im dumb.

kirby and mindy talking about horror films 🫡 i support it i really do i literally couldn't ask for anything more... well... except for the fact they said friday 2 and 4 were the best??? and then someone in the film was watching friday 8??? WHERE'S THE LOVE FOR JASON LIVES????????!! also, ready or not reference... radio silence exist in the scream universe .. ... anyway. this film fucking rules. they checked off their own checklist and it works. ghostface used a fucking gun. this fact alone has changed my life. go see it.

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