Encanto ★★★★½

Yes, I’m a little bit late to this one, but no worries.

I went in to this really wanting to like it, having heard so many good things from so many people, and yeah, they were right this movie’s pretty great, or at least I thought so.

I especially love the characters here. I get that the entire story is focused around the Madrigal family, and the people within it, so yeah, this should come with no surprises, that the characters are likeable in their own particular way. I also kinda like the themes within these characters about how you’re more than your gift, and you are what makes you special. So, yeah, the script was pretty decent.

The best part of this movie is just how it looks and feels. The animation and colors are absolutely stellar and beautiful to look at, and how this movie manages to actually feel special and separate from every other modern day Disney movie. I’m not trying to trash Disney, I’m just saying the algorithm that this movie follows seems so distant from it’s Disney predecessors, and I love it for that reason.

It’s a beautiful movie, filled with charming characters a good theme, a pretty decent script for my expectations within a movie like this, and an actually interesting plot that doesn’t follow the same antagonist doing some “evil shananagins” or whatever the hell they do in Disney movies nowadays (plenty of Disney movies are good, I’m just an asshole.)

Also, the music is consistently good (I’m just gonna run through some of the songs.) Dos oruguitas, is honestly an amazing song and that flashback sequence is phenomenal, too. The Family Madrigal is a great opening song that introduces us to the world and this family, surface pressure, is… pretty good. Waiting on a miracle is really good imo, and I love the sentiment behind it (just like in surface pressure,) of course, there’s the iconic we don’t talk about Bruno, which is pretty good, probably a bit overplayed, but it’s still good. Those are just the most notable songs. 

Go watch Encanto if you haven’t, it’s pretty good ig.

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