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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry



    'I've decided to free myself from this life. How come? It wouldn't help you to know... and I can't talk about it. And you wouldn't understand. It's not because you don't understand but because you can't feel what I feel. You can sympathize, understand, show compassion. But feel my pain? No.'

    Taste of Cherry is the road movie where the car moves but the soul remains at a standstill.

    Abbas Kiarostami’s harrowing meditation on a man determined to commit…

  • L'Avventura



    #Existential Musings Vol. 3.

    'Tell me you love me.'
    'I love you.'
    'Tell me again.'
    'I don't love you.'

    The little scoundrel. I knew he was no better. I knew it and yet I clung to him like a drowning woman clings to the shipwreck of her soul. I despise myself. I hear him slowly tread behind me as I look at the ruins in front of me and wonder if they'll ever be whole. I hear him…

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  • The Whole Town's Talking

    The Whole Town's Talking


    This was my 25th Jean Arthur film and marks my last 'major' picture of hers I haven't seen. Now all that remains is the bottom of the barrel, but I'll watch them eventually. I'll watch them all.

    Jean has a minor role but as always, she makes the best of it. She lights up the screen with her breezy gait and casual one-liners that she spits out inbetween cheeky glances and heart-melting innuendoes. Her script is well-written but the film…

  • The Wind

    The Wind


    #Watchlist 2021

    'There's nothing out there. Nothing but sand.'

    Light galloping in the form of a white horse – bringing death. The Wind is a visual nightmare of the desolate countryside blowing the soul into oblivion. It is a surreal apparition of sand and wind where the only solid footing is in the dust-filled air hurtling its victim into the nothingness.

    Sjöström's genius lies in his skill of joining the visible with the metaphorical. He crafts his haunting dreamscape with…

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  • L'Eclisse



    #Existential Musings Revisited
    #L'Eclisse Rewatch

    'I wish that I didn't love you. Or that I loved you much more.'

    i often wonder about the meaning of silence and sound. i wonder if they are opposites at all. arent they the same? not always just sometimes. like when I see him running up and down and shouting and unable to stay still because he has no time to waste and all i have is time. its like a crushing silence…

  • Stray Dog

    Stray Dog


    #madlad Mifune

    HELL YES. This was exactly what I needed. Stray Dog is a stifling heatwave of a dream that makes you wallow in its feverish dreamscape with no hope of erasing its stain from your skin. It's as if it has a palpable texture, a sweaty tangibility, yet it feels like an illusion most times.

    It is one of those films that can undeniably be said to look gorgeous. The photography captures the sultry mirage of downtown Tokyo and…