I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★

j blakeson’s i care a lot blends a mix of comedy and thrills to deliver a satire with another strong performance from actress rosamund pike & peter dinklage. the movie keeps us watching from beginning to end, because we keep wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

in this movie, there are no good and bad guys, just bad guys or worse for you to root for. who you support may be entirely down to your own moral compass: roman is a drug and people trafficker, marla exploits the elderly and vulnerable in the worse conceivable way so there could never be a nice resolution. rosamund pike puts in the kind of cold, ruthless, and calculating performance we remember from amy dunne in gone girl.

if j blakeson’s intentions was to create an antihero or a villain people wouldn’t mind rooting for, i think it was unsuccessful. marla has no quality worth admiring, she has no redeeming features, nothing we can relate to. her strength and determination are all selfish and self-serving. her relationship with fran had some tender moments but these seemed mostly manipulative and underpinned by her relentless drive to win at any cost and on more than one occasion i even found myself rooting for the drug traffickers to win!

overall, i thought it’s all undeniably entertaining, though it lacks the complexity to make it truly great. it paints a cynical picture of american society, where seemingly everyone is ruthlessly motivated by greed. all the main characters appear to be driven by marla's one-dimensional mantra: “i want to be very fucking rich.”