• Mac and Me

    Mac and Me

    I don’t care that the film made me tired in the first two acts, the ending has got to be one of the funniest shit I’ve seen since Tammy and the T-Rex. I honestly should’ve ate a Big Mac while watching this.

  • Stay Alive

    Stay Alive

    Well that was one of the most movies of all time. Glad I got to roast it in a sync viewing. Worst looking graphics for a “PS2 game.”

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Going back to remember this film, I thought it was fantastic that didn't mess me up, but then I started to remember that it actually did. It was only short-lived because I was watching Impractical Jokers and Joe Pera afterward just to get a lot of palette cleansers. Just the theme of going through self-acceptance and regret really hits home for me, while also making it so beautiful to look at with such somber music going on. Definitely pre-ordered the…

  • Coraline



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Revisiting films as people get older has been fascinating when it comes to any type of film of any genre. When the analytical mindset starts kicking in, it creates this type of new perspective that people didn’t seem to realize about the film they revisited. Because of it, they start making their interpretations of what they thought the film was going for. Whether it makes the film better or not is completely up to the viewers who like to think…

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    Not me thinking about whether I should buy this film or not just because of how much this film rules and would like to understand more of the film. Really makes me want to watch First Reformed even more after watching this because I need to watch more of Paul Schrader's filmography, and the fact that the film mentions one of my friend's names has got to be one of the biggest flexes I have ever seen and heard in my life.

  • Dorbees: Making Decisions

    Dorbees: Making Decisions


    Getting my friend introduced to Dorbees has been quite an experience to hear, and I just love getting more people introduced to the bizzaro world of Dorbees, just to hear/read their reactions.

  • Kung Fu Hustle

    Kung Fu Hustle


    Watching this as a celebration of passing my college spring semester felt right that gets me one step closer to graduating. Also hearing that there's a sequel to this coming up gets me excited just because of how this made such an impact on my childhood with the usage of music and fight scenes that are always fun to watch and listen to that makes me want to give the director's filmography a shot from what I haven't seen or…

  • The Harbingers of Things to Come

    The Harbingers of Things to Come

    Me after finishing this documentary: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/M0XQ6HNKjfU/mqdefault.jpg

    The amount of times he said trumpets made me want to relisten to Trumpets by Jason Derulo.

  • Blue Bayou

    Blue Bayou


    This honestly should be the type of film I should not like as it can fall under "misery porn", especially when it comes to Asian-American stories that can go either way for me personally as an Asian-American. For this story, I just felt like it was very effective for me that I connected and understand the situation going down with the characters in the film which really got me on an emotional level. The chemistry between Antonio (Justin Chon), and…

  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

    Prisoners of the Ghostland


    Sion Sono literally be like, "Let me tackle the deconstruction of toxic masculinity by taking away someone's testicles that felt precious to them." What an insane film that was fun to watch because of what was going on with the villain trying to Americanize Japanese culture to make it look flashy and very bright in the coloring of the buildings.

  • Tekken


    I'm sure if I played the games and know the lore behind it, I would despise this film, but as is, this is slightly better than the bottom of the barrel the video game adaptations that I've seen, even if it's not up there to even be average at this point. The acting I can say is a lot better, even if it's not quite good enough. Some of the fight scenes are fun to watch, but some are just…

  • BloodRayne


    Man, I can't even have fun with Uwe Boll films anymore, like this was such a confusing mess that I don't even know what is going on, let alone care. The acting is trash, the writing is nonsensical, and the action sequences are so lazily presented that I felt like my blood was being sucked up by the time the film is over. Whatever. Don't care.