Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ½

Hey everybody, did you know Sam Levinson knows CINEMA. He's seen the AUTEURS, the true ARTISTS and has LIVED and BREATHED the PURPOSE of FILM!!!!!!! Speaking of which, you can clearly tell he's seen a few Cassavetes' films because this is attempt at one. Even if it's mixed with others glaring influences that he wears so heavily on his sleeve, this still came out to be a hollow and beyond self indulgent film that becomes pretty awkward to watch knowing Sam Levinson is a white guy whose claim to fame is Euphoria. Not to mention how much it uses Zendaya and John David Washington as a huge crutch. Overall this film makes me worried because if this is his reaction to a bad review of Assassination Nation, just imagine the abomination he's going to make after reading the reviews for this

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