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  • Too Early/Too Late
  • From the Clouds to the Resistance
  • Artemis' Knee
  • British Sounds

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  • Flowers of Taipei: Taiwan New Cinema


  • Sans Soleil


  • Still Life


  • Pickpocket


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  • La Chinoise

    La Chinoise


    This is one hell of a troll.

    >Reads "on practice" by mao but doesnt participate in any forms of social practice
    >Critiques the frankfurt school and new left but they themselves are LARPing
    >Talks about how important is concrete analysis of conrcete conditions but cant analyze the education system of their country thus leading to answers like terrorism.
    >Talks about mao and starting a revolution but they themselves are fueled by peti bougie arrogance thinking that they create a revolution without massline.

  • Summer in Sanrizuka

    Summer in Sanrizuka


    yo hmu if you have any copy of ogawa prod. Pretty hard to find in my end. Worth the watch tho

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  • Memories of Underdevelopment

    Memories of Underdevelopment


    Works on two layers. As the demise of the protagonist's psyche due to failure to self criticize and being wasn't able to move on through his life after her wife left her serves as an allegory to how bourgeoisie intellrctuals wasn't able to advance during the post cuban revolution