Moonlight ★★★★★

update: he followed me on twitter, which means we are officially best friends, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i got to see this masterpiece on the big screen as part of the 'american independent film festival' and at the end, there was a skype q&a with barry jenkins himself and i was shaking and on the verge of tears, and then i got to talk to him, second after irina-margareta nistor, a famous critic from my country, and he asked for a romanian question, but i said i can't help him with that because not even my name is romanian, and then i thanked him for the film, which has touched me like very few things have, and then i asked him 1. 'what advice do you have for young writers who hate and want to burn everything they have written?' and 2. 'will you ever collaborate with the queen of acting, isabelle huppert, and if so, what would you dream project be?' and he laughed at the last one and he answered both (1. everyone hates what they have written, but it's important to keep going and some guy he referenced, but i forgot, hated every draft, but by the 30th one he was like fine and he wouldn't want to burn everything down as he does, too and 2. he doesn't think they will ever work together because he wasn't raised in france and doesn't speak the language, and he'd find it hard to relate to a work involving her, sadly, but he called her the 'queen of acting' back, oh my god!) and he was a dear and i was trying not to break down and then others asked him questions and he had to leave for work and long story short, i am so happy rn and i'm gonna go cry and barry jenkins is the greatest person ever and he tried to speak romanian (said 'bună ziua' aka 'hello' and calls cristian mungiu 'președinte' aka 'president' because he was the president at a cannes film festival thingy sometimes, but he couldn't really say the word right and it was sweet) and he said that he is drawn to emotional and people stuff, and if mungiu will do X-MEN 5, he will do X-MEN 6 and i saw god in that moment, even tho it was shade, but i can't be pissed at him, and the point is that i love this movie and i love barry jenkins and happier rn than i've been in a long time and good night.

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