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I originally posted this without a review, but after thinking about how the Oscars are quickly approaching (and how The Master somehow didn't get nominated for Best Picture), I changed my mind and decided to say some things.

In comparison to the other 2013 films I've seen, The Master was, admittedly, not my favorite story of the year but Joaquin Phoenix is nothing short of brilliant (and this review is dedicated almost entirely to him). I find it exceedingly difficult, in this moment, to think of another actor in Hollywood right now (or, hell, within the past decade) that brings such raw, pure talent to the screen time and time again. I have always had the softest spot in my soul for Mr. Phoenix and once again he has mastered the pulling and strumming of my heart strings.

From his birdlike body language to his raunchy behavior to the way he moves his mouth-- Joaquin Phoenix IS Freddie Quell and the connection between actor and character just can't be topped this year. I love you so much Daniel Day Lewis but put anyone in a top hat + makeup and you've got Good Ol' Honest Abe (happy birthday by the way, big guy.)

On top of JP, Amy Adams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman give bonafide, genuine performances that are so persuading, emotional, and magnificent. I keep wanting to go back to Joaquin but I'll end this by saying The Master is one you won't regret seeing.

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