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  • Long Day's Journey Into Night
  • The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
  • Underground
  • Die Nibelungen: Siegfried

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  • The Great Silence

    The Great Silence


    Cold and bleak. The dim sunlight punctuating each breath; a breath that may be the last. An anxious silence lingered through the frosted tips of pine trees—poisoning the atmosphere, much like a Fortuneteller vaticimating their own death.
    Shaking grips and icebound fingers on cold steel. The anticipation of ringing ears, and paint on the canvas was building, and with each passing moment, doubt and fear crept ever so closer into the forefront of each of these Bounty Hunters that lay…

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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    Nearly uncut, and nearly independent; one of cinema's most substantial director's cuts has eventuated, due in no small part from an impassioned fan campaign.

    It would be easy to riffle through a list of extensive criticisms, or draw up comparisons to its theatrical cut completed by Joss Whedon and anathematize the studio process. However, I feel that both approaches would miss the point entirely.

    Zack Snyder is an auteur of whom I've had my misgivings with. Not just his filmography,…

  • In the Heat of the Sun

    In the Heat of the Sun


    Impressions: 21/02/2021 | Originally a comment left on a friend's review.

    The film is a perfect encapsulation of memory and nostalgia trapped within a draconian reality. My parents would have lived through the Cultural Revolution, and when I visit my parents native province before they became immigrants to another country, there's this palpable sense of history with every step.

    When we traveled back to China I used to play with my cousins down woodland paths. It's that fondness of a…

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  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still


    "The invitation to become introspective is one of cinema's greatest gifts."

    What is the value of a human life? This is one of the central questions An Elephant Sitting Still considers. It gives no answers. Once you've read about Hu Bo, it becomes impossible to not construe the film's themes of hopelessness and spiritual dissatisfaction. I'm not going to give a read on the film though. I'm going to dispense with the verbosity and poetics. This is less of…

  • Last and First Men

    Last and First Men


    16mm black and white monochrome photography of concrete spomeniks dressing a morose and desolate landscape, comparable to the garish design of modern obsession. Is this merely the ego of a species long forgotten masquerading under a profound guise of artifice? That artifice would be called "legacy" by some. The final exploration of human depth, and its search for meaning before the inevitable end that awaits all manner of object alike.

    Jóhann Jóhannsson's bold adaptation of a 1930 science fiction novel…