Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

This was so incredible. I think it may be my favourite TIFF screening so far! I have a feeling it might fly under some peoples radars, but it deserves to be front and center.

Another Round is at times hilarious and warm and at others completely desolate. I was so unbelievably invested in how the stories of these four teachers would play out. The experiment they embark on is one that seems harmless at first but develops into an emotional roller that gets far too bumpy for its participants. And of course, as per usual with his roles, Mads Mikkelsen is just absolutely brilliant. His character struggles so much with himself and the experiment, so much so that he feels like a whole other person when he drinks. Mads illustrates this incredibly well. I was as scared for him and at times I was scared of him. Similarly to Frances McDormand in Nomadland, it’s a quiet performance. However when Mikkelsen gets even the slightest chance to explode, he does so with gusto.  

I cannot recommend this one enough. I can almost guarantee it’ll do something for you, whether it be an emotional effect, or the admiration of it from a filmmaking standpoint. I will absolutely be revisiting it in the future myself. ❤️

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