Only Howard Hawks

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Howard Hawks - unique in every way - was able to embody with perfection the categories of Hollywood cinema, while bending these codes to his original style. 

Here he is, in turn, the emblem of the gangster film with Scarface, of the war film with Today We Live; of the comedy with Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday or Man's Favorite Sport?; of the western and the peplum, from The Big Sky to Land of the Pharaohs; of the film noir with The Big Sleep and even of the science-fiction with The Thing from Another World. Not to mention sports adventures: from the aviation film Only Angels Have Wings to the car races of Red Line 7000

These cinematic desires bring to the screen powerful human figures, embodied by the most charismatic stars of the period such as Joan Crawford, Katharine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall, opposite Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne or Kirk Douglas.

What to remain, still today "Hitchcocko-Hawksians", to resume the famous formula of André Bazin.

- Scarface
- Today We Live
- Bringing Up Baby
- Only Angels Have Wings
- His Girl Friday
- To Have and Have Not
- The Big Sleep
- The Thing from Another World
- The Big Sky
- Land of the Pharaohs
- Rio Bravo
- Hatari!
- Man's Favorite Sport?

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