Director of the month: Philippe Garrel

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A precocious child of the cinema, Philippe Garrel, son of the actor Maurice Garrel, made his first films in the mid-1960s. His dazzling and incandescent cine-poems are called Les Enfants désaccordés (1964), Marie pour mémoire (1967), Le Révélateur (1968, with Bernadette Lafont) or La Concentration (1968, with Jean-Pierre Léaud and Zouzou). Alongside the singer Nico, his seventies companion, his quest for an existence transcended by art became psychedelic (from La Cicatrice intérieure in 1971 to L'Enfant secret in 1979). His cinema is attentive to the insurrectionary breath of youth (such as that of 1968 in Les Amants réguliers) as well as to the intensity of love (La Naissance de l'amour, 1993; L'Amant d'un jour, 2016). His singular working method favors the materiality of 35 mm and an intimate craft, involving his family in front of the camera. 
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