Director of the month: Alice Diop

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Her first fiction film, Saint Omer, has just won two prizes at the Venice Film Festival (Silver Lion and Lion of the Future, rewarding a first film): it is Alice Diop, our director of the month.

This French filmmaker, born in Seine-Saint-Denis with Senegalese parents, draws a map of experiences rarely shown on the screen, stemming from exile and the suburbs. Her films attempt to repair faults, to recreate links, to make visible people and missing landscapes. Her cinema goes, as one of her beautiful documentaries, Towards Tenderness (César 2017 for best short film). 

As a programmer - at the Centre Pompidou, where she is creating an "ideal film library of the world's suburbs" and at LaCinetek - she favours urban explorations, stories of wandering or autobiography. These are all forms that allow her to encounter reality, in its intimate and political aspects, armed with lucidity and poetry. 

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