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  • August in the Water
  • Chocolate
  • Haruhara-san's Recorder
  • Nivhek

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  • The Underground Water

  • Almost ghost

  • The Poem of Hayachine Valley

  • Out of Frame

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  • A Song I Remember

    A Song I Remember

    "why do you take photographs?"
    this is slow cinema to a t - every scene feels subtly drawn
    out, less like a film and more like taking a peek into the
    day to day life of the person right across from you.
    there's a distinct lack of a dreamy, filmy haze to it - which
    lends it a refreshingly realistic and heartfelt feeling.

    i love the use of the polaroid camera in this and it's
    perfectly in theme too! an…

  • Antenna


    okay so at first i wrote some extremely long theoretical
    analysis but it didn’t feel like me and i felt silly so all i'm
    going to say is, this film broke me on multiple levels.
    it’s probably not for everyone but i don't care, i’m going
    to recommend it anyway.

    slow, haunting and episodic - "antenna" is a film made up
    of multiple layers, all shrouded in a decade long mystery
    of a kidnapped little girl from a dysfunctional family.…

Popular reviews

  • Taipei Suicide Story

    Taipei Suicide Story

    "everyone here at this hotel is just like me.
    just as lost,
    just as lonely.
    it was the first time in my life, i didn't feel alone."

    i've been rewatching this film, for the past couple of hours.
    despite how morbid it sounds, it also just makes you feel at
    ease; you already know it'll be sad but it still tells its story
    patiently and beautifully too. it's nothing profound - just
    permits you the slow realisation, as with our main heroine,
    that we aren't alone in these feelings. sometimes connecting
    with others can make us both brave and weak.


  • Pompo the Cinephile

    Pompo the Cinephile

    for who are movies made? (...) and why do you love movies?
    you found yourself in them, didn't you? through the stories,
    you found empathy, dreams, yearning. you saw reality.

    i knew i would love this film, the minute i read the synopsis.
    it encompasses everything of why cinema fascinates me so
    much. it isn't just about the final cut; the magic of it all is
    watching a collective vision come to life. something that
    you've been dreaming of and…