Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★


Now I want to write a retrospective review of the whole trilogy in atonement for the terrible interpretation I once wrote of Spider-man 3, because it truly rocks and doesn't at all have the anti-Christian bias I as a cinematically unlearned, cynical, homeschooled culture warrior ditto head wanted to "expose" in 2014. I guess I wasn't alone in lacking the critical acumen before the MCU Spidey movies to appreciate the ambition, thematic heft, and kinetic refinement of Raimi's conclusion, but at least it seems to have secured the reappreciation it deserves among the general public. Along with the latter two Verbinski Pirates movies, it also offers evidence that visual effects, at least in depicting the fantastical, had reached the peak of what they needed to be in the late 2000s, artistically and technically. The malaise between the birth of Sandman and the new Goblin chase on one hand and the various set pieces of the MCU's more recent output on the other is difficult to deny, and I suspect we'll see more VFX backsliding or outsourcing to China as American decline continues.

Also, Peter answered the phone that way because he was trying to impress the landlord's daughter who was always so nice to him. Some of you guys read too much into things.

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