Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

"i love tests" says amy dunne. well, so do i. and this was the ultimate assessment. i decided it was time my boyfriend watch this movie and understand who i am. note, he had never seen it, so he did not know what was to come. i grabbed my blu-ray, we sat on the couch, and pressed play on 2.5 glorious hours of the american dream gone awry. plus, i'm an only child (amy), and he's a twin (nick). can i make it any more obvious?

his main three reactions:
1. he couldn't get over the casting of NPH, which i agree

2. i think he's scared of me now that he knows what my "cool girl" boxcutter tattoo is referencing and the fact i'm always journaling

3. he did make me pause to see ben affleck's seven inch sleazy schlong 🙄 (but also i ain't complain...)

yes, we're still dating. no, we did not go get outback after s*x

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